Gluten-Free with Great Temptations | Coeliac Awareness Week 2023


The 13th to the 20th of March 2023 is Coeliac Awareness Week and this year's mission is to raise awareness of Coeliac disease and how it affects children. Their campaign will point its spotlight on the importance of increasing testing and diagnosis in Children. You can find out more about the campaign here. 

“Coeliac disease affects on average approximately 1 in 70 Australians. However, around 80% of this number remains undiagnosed. This means the vast majority of Australians who have coeliac disease don’t yet know it.” 

Coeliac disease is a lifelong condition that means your body cannot tolerate gluten. 

If you didn’t already know, here at Great Temptations we make two delicious varieties of gluten-free cupcakes as part of our Gluten Free Range.

We have a gluten-free orange and poppy seed muffin and our gluten-free double choc chip muffins - check out our Gluten Free range here (available in independent stores across Australia. )

When it comes to throwing your child’s birthday party, there are a million things to think about – from how many kids to invite to where to have it, all whilst trying not to spend a small fortune. Which is why we’ve put together a guide for making your child’s birthday party 100% gluten-free!  

If your child is coeliac, this menu will mean they can eat everything on offer and the other kids will be none the wiser! You don’t have to compromise on taste and deliciousness anymore! Here are our top tips for the perfect birthday spread that will leave all the kids (and their tummies) happy.  Check out the blog here.

Our products are accredited by Coeliac Australia as 100% gluten-free, contain no artificial colours or flavours, and contain an average of 90% of Aussie ingredients! Look out for the green labels next time you're in the store!

If you want to find out more or maybe you’re looking for some recipes and inspiration - check out these links below 

For more information Contact Coeliac Australia 1300 458 836 or visit their website 



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