7 Best High Tea Hosting Hacks


High teas have made a stylish comeback in the hosting scene over the last few years, with more and more people of all ages flocking to this timeless tradition. With ample opportunity to make it your own, hosting an afternoon tea party has never been more fun. And here’s the best part – it’s far easier than you might think! Follow along with these 7 High Tea Hosting Hacks to help make your next tea party a tea-riffic affair!

1. Sending the Invites

High teas are all about relaxing, chatting, and savouring those sweet moments with your closest friends and family. To ensure that everyone’s in on the fun, make sure to send out your party invites well in advance - not only is it polite, but it also gives your guests time to plan and let you know of any dietary preferences. Don’t forget to mention the dress code as well! Whether it’s comfy luxe, garden party chic or a fun theme, dressing up takes the experience to a whole new level.

2. Plan Your Menu in Advance

There’s nothing worse than being stuck doing food prep in the kitchen while everyone else is partying and having a blast. Be sure to plan and have everything ready well in advance to prevent any of those last-minute dramas. Remember, you don’t have to serve a full-course meal, keep it simple with small finger foods like sandwiches, quiches and fresh fruit which can all be prepared ahead of time. And if baking is not your cup of tea then we’ve got you covered! Great Temptations has a variety of sweet treats like our Fairy Cakes and Chocolate Speckles which are always crowd-pleasers. We also cater for gluten-free sweet tooths to make your job even easier. 

3. Layering

Elevate your high tea spread effortlessly with the magic of a simple cake stand. Depending on the number of guests, a couple of smaller stands or even a large centrepiece cake stand will instantly transform your table into a fairytale tea party! When preparing your display of goodies, arrange larger and savoury items around the bottom, while your dainty desserts take their place on the upper tiers. Pro tip: alternating flavours around each tier will also help everyone easily reach exactly what they want without having to pass around plates. 

4. Decorating

Decorating the table for your high tea should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the high tea experience. This is where you truly get to make it your own. Will you go for the classic high tea route with elegant white tablecloths and dainty teacups? Or maybe you want to try sticking to a specific colour theme, or even an Alice in Wonderland inspired layout like this one by Poppy + Grace. Table runners, placemats and place cards can all bring something unique to your tea party. 

5. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are another way to add personality and a burst of colour to your table, not to mention the delightful fragrance they add to the whole experience. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank on exotic blooms, either. Anything from your own garden will do the trick and add that personal touch to the whole thing. 

6. Tea

You can’t host a high tea without an emphasis on the tea! As your lovely guests arrive, make sure you have plenty of tea ready to pour and keep it flowing throughout the gathering. Don't forget the essentials – stock up on extra milk jugs, sugars and lemon wedges so everyone can fix themselves a perfect cup. If you're wondering which teas will pair perfectly with your high tea spread, no worries! Check out our Delicious Drink and Dessert Pairings blog for fantastic tea suggestions that will complement your menu like a dream.

7. Party Favours

Last but not least, preparing small party favours for your guests is a thoughtful gesture that will leave a lasting impression. Small trinkets such as candles, potpourri or bath bombs accompanied by a heartfelt handwritten note would be the perfect keepsake to take home. And don’t forget to send them on their way with any of the delicious treats left at the end of the party – if they haven’t been devoured already! 


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