Delicious Drink and Dessert Pairings that are a Match Made in Heaven


Get ready to take your dessert game to a whole new level with these six dreamy drink and dessert duos! We all know about pairing wine with food, but have you ever considered matching your favourite desserts with the right kind of beverage? Whether you’re in need of a sweet treat to go with your early morning coffee, looking for a refreshing new afternoon tea combo, or planning to dazzle your guests with your hosting skills, these magical pairings will revolutionise your future dessert experiences.

The Classic English Breakfast

Starting off our cake pairings we've got the ultimate classic, English Breakfast tea. This popular tea blend is beloved with good reason. Robust and refreshing, English Breakfast can easily be sweetened by adding some milk or sugar and complements many of your favourite sweet treats. The creaminess of our Mini Carrot Cakes is a dream match for this afternoon tea staple, with each of these scrumptious cupcakes topped with a swirl of cream cheese icing and a crunchy quarter walnut. Trust us, this combo is an absolute must-try!

Earl Grey Goodness

This uniquely aromatic tea is made by infusing bergamot oil with tea leaves which creates Earl Grey’s distinct citrus and floral blend. These citrus notes also make it a perfect companion for our refreshing Orange and Poppyseed muffins! These sweet American-style muffins contain pieces of orange and have crunchy poppyseeds sprinkled throughout. The citrus flavour in both the tea and the dessert blend together, while the slight astringency of the black tea enhances the sweetness of the cake. Enjoy this quintessentially British tea with our zesty muffins for an invigorating energy boost throughout the day.

Time For A Coffee Break

Now let’s not forget about everybody’s favourite early-morning pick me up! If you're all about that bold and intense espresso flavour, then our Double Choc Chip Choc Muffins is your new best friend. The rich, slightly bitter flavour of espresso pairs perfectly with these sweet chocolate muffins, each generously sprinkled with mini chocolate chips inside and on top. Whether you're gearing up for a fantastic day with a toasted muffin for breakfast, or just taking a well-deserved coffee break, this combo is your go-to for chocolate-y indulgence.

Surprising Cinnamon

What do you get when you cross a cinnamon doughnut and a muffin? Mufnutz, of course! Since cinnamon is the star flavour of these popular baked goodies, chai tea is the clear choice for a hot drink pairing. The warm and spicy notes of chai tea complement the slight sweetness of our Mufnutz which are filled with raspberry jam and topped with crunchy cinnamon sugar. If you love chai tea then this is truly a charming pairing. 

Green Tea Delights

Green tea is one of the healthiest hot drink options available to you. Its vibrant and earthy flavour perfectly complements the rich taste of dark chocolate, making it the go-to combination for green tea and matcha drinkers. This fantastic drink pairs exceptionally well with our rich and chewy Mini Chocolate Brownies, balancing out the flavours and cleansing the palate. The bitterness of the dark chocolate chunks also beautifully enhances the fruitiness of green tea, making for a delightful contrast.

A Taste of Elegance

Looking to add a touch of decadence to your next special occasion? Look no further than our Berry Swirl cupcakes! These delectable vanilla cupcakes boast a swirl of strawberry-flavoured icing and are topped with a sprinkle of white chocolate chips making them perfect for any kind of sweet celebration. To truly elevate the experience, pair these lovely vanilla cupcakes with a glass of Champagne or sparkling wine. The combination of the buttery cupcakes' sweetness and the effervescence of the bubbly is truly a match made in heaven. Cheers to creating unforgettable memories with this dreamy duo!

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