Things to do with kids at home these school holidays


Keeping the kids entertained at home during the winter break can be stressful, especially if the weather's not great. to help, we’ve compiled nine of our favourite ways to keep the little ones entertained... and you sane!

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1.    Online learning

If you're stuck indoors on a rainy winters day, there are plenty of online Aussie resources to keep kids engaged and learning. The National Science Museum and Technology Centre Questacon has a variety of at home resources, the educational site ABC Education provides access to more than 4,000 free videos and interactive resources, and the Maritime Museum has fun-filled online games and activity sheets. Especially if they have some delicious muffins or cupcakes as a lunchtime treat! 

2.    Housework

Why should you be stuck doing all the housework? Get the kids involved and it’ll not only keep them busy, but it’ll lighten your load too. If they’re under 5, give them spray bottles with water and some cloths and get them cleaning tables, benches and their play area and toys! They can put their laundry in the basket and make their beds. Older children will enjoy doing the vacuuming and mopping and most actually enjoy the big jobs like cleaning out and organising cupboards! You can clear out their toys too and give some to charity – this is also a nice lesson to teach the kids about sharing and those less fortunate.

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4.    Baking

Cooking together is a great way to bond and pass the day away. As a family of bakers, we obviously spent a lot of time in the kitchen! You can find some amazing recipes online and whip up something yummy in no time. If you don’t want the mess of baking from scratch, order some of our treats online and just decorate them together. Our brownies are seriously elevated with some icing, sprinkles, and decorations!

5.    Get active

It’s great to keep the kids active, so as well as getting out for walks, runs and bike rides, you can also find lots of good kid’s workouts online too! From more relaxing and mindful activities like yoga to interactive PE experiences and games.  

6.    Craft

Those empty toilet rolls are almost as precious as the full ones! Don’t bin them, keep them for crafting! The same goes for your cereal boxes, egg cartons and milk jugs. These are all perfect for crafting with kids. You can find heaps of inspiration and How To guides here.

Children Multicolored Hand Paint

7.    Nature hunt

Go and explore gorgeous parks and open spaces and get the children to do a nature hunt. Make a list of things to find; think stones, leaves, sticks, gumnuts, feathers, etc and see who can find them all first!

Boy Jumping Near Grass at Daytime

9.    Camping

Put the camping gear to good use by setting up a camping trip in your own backyard! The kids will love this change of scenery and it’s a great excuse to indulge in some toasted marshmallows!




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