Ten top tips for staying active in the workplace


It’s hard to maintain an active lifestyle when your job means you’re sitting at a desk all day. Experts recommend getting in at least 10,000 steps a day, which is a very daunting challenge for some. Getting to the gym before or after work can be a bit tricky (and no one likes early mornings) so we’ve come up with 10 ways you can stay active throughout the day while working an office job.

  1. Get active on your way to and from work

If you don’t live too far from your place of work, try walking, running, or cycling to and from the office. This is a great way to get your exercise in on your daily commute, rather than sitting in a car or on a train. If the office is a little too far to achieve this, you could run or ride to the train/bus station and go from there. You’ll feel good about getting active and feel refreshed and energised!

  1. Take the stairs

If there are stairs to your office as well as a lift, take the stairs! Make a dent in your 10,000 steps just by taking the stairs up to your floor rather than the lift. This might not be achievable every day, but whenever you can, it’s a great way to get your steps up and feel good doing it!

  1. Change your meetings

Typically, meetings are set in a boardroom or at a co-worker’s desk. Suggest switching this up at your next meeting by having a standing meeting, or even a walking meeting! You could walk to grab a coffee from a nearby coffee shop while having your meeting at the same time. A great way to get up from your desk and get some fresh air at the same time!

  1. Stand and stretch

Did you know that standing used more muscles than sitting? It also burns more calories. If it’s possible in your office, a standing desk is a great alternative to the normal office desk and chair. It can also be great for your back and posture, and we all find ourselves slumping in our chairs in the afternoons. If this isn’t an option, remember to stand up and stretch every 30 minutes. Extend your spine, stretch your neck and roll your wrists. This will reset your body which could make you more productive.

  1. Ditch the emails

If you’re needing to call or email someone located within your office building, why not walk over to them and discuss the matter in person. As long as they’ve got a spare minute to chat, it’s a great way to get a quick response and to keep your body moving. Take your drink bottle with you and fill it up in the kitchen while you’re up, as fluid intake helps the body feel fresh throughout the day.

  1. Utilise your lunch break

We mentioned working out before or after work can be a hassle, so why not utilise your lunch break instead? If you have a gym nearby, head there for half an hour and do a quick work out. No gym? Go for a run around a few blocks to get your blood pumping and try and get a few workmates to come with you. Plan ahead and pack your lunch so you can eat it quickly at your desk when you return to the office. A great energiser for the rest of the afternoon!

  1. Exercise at your desk

When you’re standing up and having a break, you can use this time to do some desk exercises. We don’t mean high knees and star jumps, think more calf raises, squats, or take a little stroll. You can get your desk buddies in on it too, so you can all stand up at the same time and get some moves in. Also, when you’re waiting for the copier, microwave or kettle, try fit some in then too!

  1. Sign up for charity runs

An office group is a great group to sign up to fun runs, charity runs, etc. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to train, so if you’re all sitting there together, you’ll be more inclined to actually do it! A great way to get to know your colleagues and stay fit while doing it.

  1. Organise after-work activities

There are plenty of companies that will come to your office after work and run a boot camp, group training, boxing session, and many more. A great way to get motivated is when you’ve got other people around you to help, and if you are already at the office you can’t say no!

  1. Healthy snack

If your office cupboards are laden with fatty foods and chocolate, you're bound to feel more unhealthy. Stock up on some healthy treats like nuts, seeds, yoghurt, veggie sticks or museli bars. These will help you kick the sugar craving and keep you more energised to keep active! 


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