New Year's Eve Party Hosting Hacks and Easy Party Treats and Platters


Looking for a way to jazz up your New Year’s Eve celebrations while keeping it kid-friendly? We’re here to help with these 5 dessert catering hacks! From countdown clocks and cupcakes to dessert platters and the perfect party parfait.

Read on to discover our ultimate catering tips and tricks for your New Year's Eve party.

Oreo O’Clock 

Would you look at the time! These cute cake toppers are a fun way to celebrate the countdown to midnight and are super easy to make, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 packet of regular Oreos 
  • 2 packs of Great Temptations Choc Speckle cupcakes
  • Dark chocolate
  • Piping bag

Start by separating your Oreos, ensuring that the cream stays on one side of the cookie. Melt your dark chocolate and fill a piping bag or zip-lock bag. Cut off the tip of one corner and pipe your numbers onto the cream-filled side of your cookie. 
After waiting for the chocolate to set, remove (or secretly eat) the chocolate freckles off your Choc Speckle cupcakes and replace each with one of your prepared cookies. This is a super fun activity for the kids to get involved with!

Inspiration from TheUnlikely Hostess

Cupcake Countdown

Continuing with the same theme, this timely cupcake clock makes for a stunning centrepiece for your New Year’s spread. 

What you’ll need:

  •       2 packs (one dozen) Great Temptations cupcakes
  •       Ready-to-roll icing
  •       Number-shaped cookie cutters

Start preparing your decorations by rolling your ready-to-roll icing until 0.5mm thick. Using your numbered cookie cutters, cut out the icing and transfer it onto each cupcake. Arrange your cupcakes in a circular pattern, alternating different colours or flavours for odd and even times around your clock.

Image used from CraftyCompany

NYE Dessert Platter

The dessert platter is an underrated catering classic that can tie your whole table together. With Great Temptations sweet treats, slices, individual cupcakes, and gluten-free options, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. 

Platter options:

  •       Great Temptations Rocky Road Slice
  •       GF muffins range
  •       Assorted fruits, cheeses, or any other snacks

When getting your platter ready remember the magazines spend hours getting it to look juuust right and as a host you’ve got a million other things to handle. Keep it simple with single serve items and a couple of hero elements such as a slice or cupcakes surrounded by smaller pieces of fruit, chocolate, cheese and crackers!

Chic Choc Brownie Parfait

Looking for something a bit classier for a fine dining experience? The delicious Berry and brownie parfaits are just the ticket 

What you’ll need:

  •       Great Temptations mini choc brownies 
  •       Tub of vanilla yoghurt
  •       Fresh or frozen berries
  •       Fresh fruit to top

To make your berry coulis, place your fresh or frozen berries in the blender and blend until smooth. Sieve your berry mixture into a jug or bottle for easy pouring. 

For the parfait, start off with a base layer of your yoghurt in your glass, with a drizzle of berry coulis over it. Next, crumble your chocolate brownies into bit-sized chunks and add to glass. Repeat these steps once more, then generously sprinkle fresh berries and fruits over the entire dish. And voilà! A decadent dessert for all to enjoy. 

Note: if you’re feeling naughty try replacing the yoghurt with ice cream, after all your New Year’s resolutions don’t start until tomorrow!

Recipe inspiration from StyleMePretty

Champagne Buttercream

Don’t forget about the adults during the celebrations! Whip up something special for your sweet treats with this boozy champagne buttercream recipe.

All you need:

  •       1/4 cup champagne
  •       1 cup softened butter
  •       4 cups icing sugar

Add icing sugar and butter to your mixer and beat together on a low speed until combined. Bring your mixer up to a medium/high speed until fully incorporated. At this point the mixture may look slightly dry. Slowly start pouring in the champagne while continuing to mix, tasting the buttercream as you go to reach the right flavour balance.

Recipe used by TwoSistersCrafting

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