Say hello to our NEW Great Temptations 2-packs!

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Our iconic Mufnutz and Fairy Cakes are now available in a convenient 2-pack at Coles stores across Australia! They're the perfect little pick-me-up whether you're on the road with a coffee or if you need an after-school treat for the little ones. 

Made with the freshest ingredients and a whole lotta love, our new 2-pack treats are the perfect indulgence. Both the Mufnutz and Fairy Cakes are available to BUY NOW from Coles stores nationwide.

Great Temptations MufNutz 2 pack 
Have you tried our most unique and delicious treat - MufNutz? What is a MufNut we hear you ask! It's a cross between a muffin and a doughnut! Our MufNutzs are round, soft cakes filled with tasty raspberry jam and topped with crunchy cinnamon sugar sprinkles. 

Great Temptations Fairy Cakes 2 pack 
Our fun fairy cakes are delicious mini vanilla sponges, topped with a layer of white chocolate and dipped in 100s and 1000s for the proper party feel. 

Be sure to add them to your next Coles online shop, or pop them in the trolley next time you’re heading down the aisles.

Take a look at our full range of sweet treats here.  


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