Halloween baking made easy!


Halloween doesn’t always need to be about lollies and candy! Home-baked treats are much more fun, and you can get creative with the kids as they help you in the kitchen. From icing spooky cupcakes to decorating cookies, here are a few homemade Halloween treat ideas guaranteed to get your family into the “spirit”!

Spider Cupcakes

Kids are generally scared of spiders, but not when they can eat them! Bake some cupcakes (or better yet – grab a pack of ours!) Either remove some the icing from the cake or add dark sprinkles on top of the icing for the body. Use two white dots of icing for the eyes and mouth, and use some liquorice ropes, sour straps or any thin lollies as the 8 legs. Take it a step further by creating a web out of icing for the cupcakes to sit on! These cute cupcakes taken from KiwiLimon.

Decorated Cookies

This is one the kids can definitely get involved with. Find some different shaped cookie cutters -  circles, squares, animals or even some Halloween themed ones if you can find them in the shops.

Use your fail-safe biscuit recipe and make a large batch. Once they’re cool, get creative! Have a variety of coloured icing, icing pens, lollies, crumbles and anything else you can think of to decorate these cookies in a spooky style. We’re thinking brightly coloured pumpkin cookies, scary ghost cookies or even witches’ hats! These cute biccies have been taken from Delicious. 

Pumpkin Muffins

You’ll need a chocolate muffin for these, you really need a dark sponge to make the muffins pop! Make up some orange and green frosting and grab your piping bag. Here’s where you’ll need a steady hand, so maybe do this bit if your kids are still little. Pipe the orange icing over the cupcake but leave two holes as the eyes and one as the mouth, in any shape you like (we’re going for a Jack-o’-lantern style here!) create a little stalk with the green frosting and attach this to the top. A cute little pumpkin muffin with a chocolatey surprise underneath!

Eerie Creature Bites

Use rice crispie bites or even better, our Go Bites as a base then dip in various colours of icing. Add some funny, googly eyes using white and black icing and you've got some funny, spooky treats. These are bite-sized and a little healthier than a normal cupcake or biscuit!  This idea was taken from Country Living. 

Get Creative!

You know how mad the shops go when there’s a big holiday or event coming up! Head to any discount shop or supermarket and you’ll be sure to find heaps of Halloween baking bits. From cake tins and cookie cutters to orange icing and pumpkin treat buckets, this is sure to spark some creativity and you’ll be coming up with fantastic ideas in no time.


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